have a good dream, and gently pull the quilt cover on him, normally she is not sleeping and son, but other rare today it went great night, she thought his son would not intend to disturb sleep, so he had a night in this.

  In the dream, not law-abiding Qinxing Yang, disorderly hands and feet to move, suddenly opening mantra: “watch.Smelly watches!”He frowned, playing a set of random punches, did not last long, and corpuscles, revealing a particularly happy smile, ‘Daddy, please come home.’   Qin Siya did not understand at first, and then the tears almost did not fall,

  His voice suddenly depressed; “Dad something, I just talked to him five minutes of phone.”Qinxing Yang stretched out his hand, looked at the five fingers, mouth pursed Lao Gao,” I am particularly well-behaved, do not talk too much!”

  ”Yangyang Zhenguai.”   ”But Mom, Dad why eat breakfast ah?”He asked, puzzled, just like he was curious, but did not correct his father’s mistakes, the teacher said, adults are too proud, not directly expose error, to euphemism, though he still do not understand what is euphemistically.   ”This way, because my father is now very far away.”Qin

ou lie’ face lie in calm, adult things, why worry about it so that children follow?”Yes, you are not just say, there are things I want to say it?”She can not think of his son anything, what is the kindergarten activity yet?

  Suddenly remembered important things Qinxing Yang immediately release the hand, stepped back, hips standing on the bed, his face is proud to announce the big news he had just received: “Mom, I tell you, oh!Just me and my father on the phone, he promised me, to come back to see us soon!”His mother looked 北京夜网on

loud noise outside the door, like what the monster invasion, knock the door bang straight for the sound, of course, Qin Siya naturally know who was it that the family altogether and lived with her two sons, do someone else?

  She quickly wiped the tears again just also be used as an excuse for eye stickers peeled off the throw, you know every time to see her son in the surfacing film, are eager to face, it is curious that she did not intend to make such a small in addition to contact with the

r clothes [picture].”” Storm friends, today the weather is good, there is also a sunny day you do?”” Two days ago with Yangyang to see the doctor, I thought he was the flu, I’m worried to death, but the doctor said, nothing to do, that is, the common cold, do not worry, good filming, I’ll take care of him.”.

  At first, her husband will be back to two well recei苏州桑拿ved, it is tough, and later he almost less back, but it is occasionally interspersed with a few words, I just back to the hotel to rest now, has been a very hard.   She sometimes felt funny, and she is the leader in reporting it?Does

g at each other stupid sleep.

  Qin Siya know that they are not so strong, she is an ordinary woman, morning sickness have a very tough battle, spit into pantothenic acid; late pregnancy edema, while away tears, while ha苏州夜网419rd enough strength to legs, gently pushed; dad when the mother did not come, a man went to the hospital for check, the

 Qinxing Yang about jumping under the tap, the barefoot, Shale ran out the door, playing in kindergarten, he was asked to go to bed himself, spearhead some dismay, they also behind the well-behaved.

  He did not hold back, watch a pro, pro just finished, and exposed dislike expression, struck watches it –   Although the use of the watch and Dad can contact, it can time go so fast, really it is the most annoying!Humph!   He is particularly high cold, smelly not look at a watch – it was

play a supporting role insignificant corner, or to a “domestic specifically for” when released in a foreign country scenes by seconds count, when go home, your role is a substantial increase, i南宁桑拿n the past some domestic actors is so dry, I nicked role, began wantonly issued the pass is issued, claiming that Hollywood, to Europe, to the world, at the beginning of domestic fans We will follow the excitement, the big blow a few, not the same grade, and later, we will also shrewd, and understand this is just boasting, nature or entertain themselves in their own circles.

  Wing Star Entertainment and the original body, beginning not intend to do so, the consensus reached between the two plays most drastic of mind – in fact, the original body in the country when compared to those who did little meat endless and slightly parryCould not, have to be considered out of market development, the